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France’s Spectacular Abbey Mont-Saint-Michel Celebrates 1,000th Birthday 

 PARIS (AP) — France’s beloved abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel has reached a ripe old age. It’s been 1,000 years since the laying of its first stone. 

The millennial of the UNESCO World Heritage site and key Normandy tourism magnet is being celebrated until November with exhibits, dance shows and concerts. French President Emmanuel Macron is heading there on Monday. 

Macron plans to deliver a speech and to see a new exhibit tracing the Romanesque abbey’s history via 30 objects and pieces, including a restored statue of Saint Michael.  

Legend has it that the archangel Michael appeared in 708, duly instructing the bishop of nearby Avranches to build him a church on the rocky outcrop. 

The exhibit, two years in the making, opened last month. It covers the complex process of building what is considered an architectural jewel on a rocky island linked to the mainland only by a narrow causeway at high tide. 

Four crypts were constructed on the granite tip along with a church on top. The exhibit explains how the original structure, built in 966, became too small for pilgrims, spurring on the builders to create the 11th century abbey that stands to this day. 

France has spent more than $34 million over 15 years to restore the building, and the work is nearing completion. Authorities have also tried in recent years to protect the monument’s surrounding environment from the impact of mass tourism. 

One of the most popular French destinations outside Paris, Mont-Saint-Michel island attracted 2.8 million visitors last year, including 1.3 million for the abbey. It was not closed to visitors for the presidential visit, but local authorities were taking measures for it to go as smoothly as possible. 

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CNN: Україна створила в Росії групи диверсантів і постачає їм дрони

Співрозмовники CNN кажуть, що осередки складаються з добре навчених оперативників і тих, хто підтримує Україну у її боротьбі проти російської агресії

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У Львові презентують ікони з Бахмута, врятовані військовими з-під завалів

Ікони можна оглянути щодня у Гарнізонному храмі Львова

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Fans Go Undercover to Track Racism at European Soccer Matches

Among the thousands of fans in the stands at Europe’s biggest soccer games are a few people operating undercover. Trained volunteer observers listen for racist chants and watch for extremist symbols on banners.

“You have to be aware of the environment and fit in without standing out. You have to be discreet,” one observer, who has worked at games involving some of soccer’s best-known clubs and national teams, told The Associated Press.

“Obviously nothing gets published on social media. You have to be anonymous. You have to just sort of blend in. Don’t engage in conversations with anybody.”

A way to improve soccer

The observer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the job requires it, is part of a program run on behalf of European soccer’s governing body, UEFA, by the Fare Network, a prominent anti-discrimination group. Fare monitors about 120 games per season in Europe’s main three men’s club competitions, executive director Piara Powar told the AP, and more around the world in national team events like World Cup qualifying.

Evidence from the program, including photos taken surreptitiously from the stands, is used in disciplinary cases against clubs or national teams whose fans display racist behavior in European competitions like the Champions League.

It’s not a career, but a way to make soccer better for the future, the observer said.

Observers work on a volunteer basis, with expenses covered, and are expected to keep tabs on hardcore fan groups’ social media to track where incidents may occur.

Inside the stadium, an observer watches the stands for signs of racist, homophobic, sexist or other discriminatory chants or banners, while also keeping an eye on the action on the field, which shapes what happens among fans.

“If you get a disgruntled fan base and they’re getting beaten 5-0 and they get knocked out of a competition that they felt that they were going to progress in, then that could be another catalyst,” the observer said. “You have to constantly read the situation as it unfolds.”

Observers are expected to be familiar with symbols used by nationalist groups, especially the logos and number codes — like 88 for Heil Hitler — they use to send surreptitious messages.

Games are given risk ratings to determine how many observers are needed, and up to three observers can work at the highest-risk games.

Sometimes a game rated “medium-risk” can “blow up in your face” unexpectedly, the observer added. That sets off a scramble to document the evidence and send it to a UEFA delegate in the stands — not always easy on overloaded stadium Wi-Fi.

That documentation can then be used by the UEFA disciplinary unit for “further investigation and possible proceedings,” the European soccer governing body said in a statement to the AP.

Sometimes feeling ‘ill at ease’

Hooliganism incidents have decreased in European soccer in recent decades, but some fan groups have a reputation for racist behavior and violence. For security reasons, the identity of the observers at a game are known to as few people as possible.

The observer described feeling “ill at ease” in some situations, but never in personal danger. Observers are not expected to infiltrate close-knit, hardcore fan groups, but to watch from a distance.

“You need to get as close as you can, but be as far away as your safety requires,” the observer said.

Fare’s work isn’t always welcome.

In a case at the Court of Arbitration for Sport over a banner at a 2019 game that was judged to contain a coded racist message, Georgian club Dinamo Tbilisi sought to challenge Fare’s assessment, arguing that the observer collecting the evidence was “professionally trained to recognize potentially racist symbols and is therefore biased.”

The panel rejected the argument and pointed out that even if the banner’s message wasn’t clear to most fans, it still broke rules against racist messages.

Like referees, Fare observers can’t work at games involving clubs they support. The observer said the goal is to make the atmosphere at games safer and more inclusive for the future.

Over several years working games, the observer has seen change for the better, but so far only “baby steps.”

“It’s a professional endeavor. It’s not going for the sake of it,” the observer said.

“I’m indifferent to the results. When a goal’s scored, sometimes I have to stand up to feign excitement, but they are teams that I have zero emotional moments with.”

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У МВС прозвітували про стан укриттів, більшість з яких уже перевірили

У Міністерстві внутрішніх справ повідомили, що станом на 5 червня в Україні обстежили 50195 укриттів.

Згідно з повідомленням, це 79% з усього наявного числа.

Повідомляється, що 4679 (9% від перевірених) виявилися зачиненими; 11644 (23% від перевірених) – не придатні до використання.

«Київ. Обстежено 2156 (48%) укриттів, з яких 137 (6% від перевірених) виявилися зачиненими.804 (37% від перевірених) – не придатні до використання», – повідомили в МВС.

Органи Нацполіції, ДСНС, а також представники місцевої влади продовжують здійснювати перевірку укриттів, додали у відомстві.

Раніше сьогодні мер Києва Віталій Кличко називав цифру: 1664 перевіриних укриття. 63% (1005) укриттів перебувають у задовільному стані, 37% (590) – у незадовільному.

Росія в ніч на 1 червня завдала чергового масованого удару по Києву і Київщині. Повітряні сили повідомили, що війська протиповітряної оборони збили всі 10 запущених РФ ракет «Іскандер».

За даними Київської міської військової адміністрації, внаслідок падіння уламків ракет в Києві загинули троє людей, з них одна дитина, ще 11 зазнали поранень. За повідомленнями очевидців, люди загинули на вулиці біля медзакладу в Деснянському районі, бо не змогли потрапити до укриття, яке, за деякими даними, було зачиненим. У цій справі проходять четверо осіб, яким вже обрали запобіжні заходи, один із них – охоронець медзакладу – перебуває у СІЗО.

2 червня міський голова Києва Віталій Кличко повідомив про ухвалене рішення щодо цілодобового доступу до укриттів у місті.

Уряд ініціював перевірку усіх укриттів в Україні.

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Папа Римський відправив свого посланця до Києва

13 травня у Ватикані відбулася зустріч президента України Володимира Зеленського з папою Римським Франциском

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Artist Uses Lego Bricks to Recreate World’s Iconic Buildings 

The National Building Museum in Washington has launched a new long-term exhibition called Brick City, which re-creates the iconic architecture of cities around the world using Lego bricks. Maxim Moskalkov has the story. Camera: Andrey Degtyarev

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What’s Behind the Decline in Limousine Demand? 

Stretch limousines — once a symbol of the rich and famous — are now rarely seen on the roads and at red carpet events. Karina Bafradzhian investigates why demand for limousines has declined.

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‘Spider-man: Across the Spider-verse’ Swings to $120.5M Opening

“Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” opened in U.S. and Canadian theaters with a massive $120.5 million, more than tripling the debut of the 2018 animated original and showing the kind of movie-to-movie box-office growth that would be the envy of even the mightiest of Hollywood franchises. 

Sony Pictures’ “Across the Spider-Verse,” the multi-verse spinning animated Spider-Man spinoff, sailed past expectations, according to studio estimates Sunday, riding terrific reviews (95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and strong buzz for the hotly anticipated follow-up to the Oscar-winning “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” 

In the sometimes-formulaic realm of superhero movies, 2018’s “Into the Spider-Verse” offered a blast of originality, introducing a teenage webslinger from Brooklyn, Miles Morales (Shameik Moore), a punk-rock Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld) and a host of other Spider-People. It launched with $35.4 million on its way to $384.3 million worldwide. 

“Across the Spider-Verse,” which exponentially expands the film’s universe-skipping worlds, cost $100 million to make, about half the cost of the average live-action comic-book movie. So, at even the forecast $80 million that “Spider-Verse” had been expected to open, “Across the Spider-Verse” would have been a hit. 

Instead, it has turned out to be a box-office sensation, and the second largest domestic opening of 2023, trailing only “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.” “Across the Spider-Verse,” directed by Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers and Justin K. Thompson, even topped “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” which debuted with $118 million, for the best opening weekend of the summer so far. 

The film, shepherded by writer-producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, is part two in a trilogy that will conclude with a third chapter to be released next year. “Across the Spider-Verse” over-performed abroad, too, with $88.1 million overseas. 

After few family offerings for much of the first half of 2023, theaters are suddenly flush with kid-friendly entertainment. Last week’s top film, the Walt Disney Co.’s live action remake “The Little Mermaid,” slid to second with $40.6 million in its second weekend. 

After launching with $95.5 million and $117.5 million over the four-day Memorial Day weekend, “The Little Mermaid” dipped 57%, partly due to the formidable competition from “Across the Spider-Verse.” 

Having cost a reported $250 million to make, “The Little Mermaid” was met with mixed reviews but more enthusiasm from audiences, which gave it an “A” CinemaScore. But overseas, where previous Disney live-action remakes have thrived, is proving harder territory this time. The film added $42.4 million internationally over the weekend. 

Disney also supplied the weekend’s top counter-programming option in “The Boogeyman,” a mostly well-received horror adaptation of a Stephen King short story. Director Rob Savage’s $35 million film, starring Sophie Thatcher and Chris Messina, had originally been intended to debut on Hulu before the studio pivoted. It opened with $12.3 million in ticket sales. 

In limited release, the Sundance breakout film “Past Lives” launched with an impressive $58,067 per-screen average on four screens. Celine Song’s directorial debut stars Greta Lee as a woman torn between a childhood friend from Korea (Teo Yoo) and her American husband (John Magaro). 

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Comscore. Final domestic figures will be released Monday. 

  1. “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” $120.5 million. 

  2. “The Little Mermaid,” $40.6 million. 

  3. “The Boogeyman,” $12.3 million. 

  4. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” $10.2 million. 

  5. “Fast X,” $9.2 million. 

  6. “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” $3.4 million. 

  7. “About My Father,” $2.1 million. 

  8. “The Machine,” $1.8 million. 

  9. “Suga: Agust D Tour Live in Japan,” $1.2 million. 

  10. “You Hurt My Feelings,” $770,000. 

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В окупованому Криму по телебаченню показали ролик про контрнаступ України

Хто відповідальний за поширення відповідного ролика в окупованому Криму, не повідомляється

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Армія РФ понад 20 разів обстріляла Сумщину: двоє поранених, пошкоджено церкву і пост рятувальників

На території області зафіксовано 104 вибухи

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Hollywood Directors Reach Labor Pact, Writers Remain on Strike

Hollywood’s major studios reached a tentative labor agreement with the union representing film and television directors, likely averting a work stoppage that would have piled pressure on media companies to settle with striking writers. 

The Directors Guild of America (DGA) will ask its 19,000 members to approve the three-year contract, which was announced late Saturday after three weeks of talks. 

The agreement includes gains in wages and residuals plus guardrails around the use of artificial intelligence, according to the DGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), which represents Netflix, Walt Disney Co. and other major studios. 

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has been on strike since May 2, shutting down several TV and film productions, and has no new talks scheduled with the studios. 

During the last WGA strike in 2007 and 2008, a studio deal with the DGA prompted writers to head back to the bargaining table. On Friday, WGA negotiator Chris Keyser argued that strategy would not work this time. 

“Any deal that puts this town back to work runs straight through the WGA, and there is no way around that,” Keyser said in a video posted on YouTube. 

The DGA’s board will consider whether to approve the deal Tuesday before it goes to members for ratification. No date has been set for the ratification vote. 

If approved, the deal could offer a blueprint for the striking writers and upcoming talks between studios and SAG-AFTRA, the union representing Hollywood actors. 

WGA representatives did not respond to requests for comment Sunday, but some writers voiced reactions on social media. 

“Spartacus” creator Steven DeKnight called the DGA deal “disappointing, but not surprising.” 

Writer Bill Wolkoff said he had mixed emotions. “Happy for gains DGA members made, frustrated we were stonewalled on all our asks. My resolve is only stronger,” he wrote. 

In the DGA’s agreement, directors secured wage increases starting at 5% the first year, an increase in residuals from streaming, and a guarantee that “generative AI cannot replace the duties performed by members.” 

AI has emerged as a major concern of writers and actors, who see their jobs as especially vulnerable to the new technology. 

Both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA are seeking protections from AI in their negotiations as well as increases in compensation that they say has lagged as companies have benefited from the rise of streaming television. 

SAG-AFTRA has asked members to give its negotiators the power to call a strike if needed, and the results of that vote are expected to be announced Monday. Contract talks between the actors and studios begin Wednesday. The current labor agreement expires June 30. 

The WGA work stoppage has disrupted production of late-night shows and shut down high-profile projects such as Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and a “Game of Thrones” spinoff. 

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Основна сесія НМТ стартує з 5 червня – центр оцінювання якості освіти

Основна сесія НМТ відбуватиметься з 5 до 23 червня 2023 року, а додаткова відбудеться 11-24 липня

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Зеленський заявив про необхідність закрити будь-які напрямки обходу Росією міжнародних санкцій

Україна «бачить» кожен напрямок обходу наявних санкцій, кожну країну, «чия територія або юрисдикція, чиї громадяни використовуються Росією для продовження терору», каже Зеленський

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На Київщині спалахнула масштабна пожежа – поліція

Наразі причина пожежі невідома, її встановлюють фахівці, кажуть поліціянти

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«Сезон «бавовни» продовжується»: у ЗСУ прокоментували повідомлення про атаку безпілотників по Криму

У ніч на 4 червня окупаційна влада Криму заявила, що в Джанкої був збитий безпілотник. Пізніше Аксьонов заявив, що вночі Крим атакували дев’ять безпілотників

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Acclaimed Composer Kaija Saariaho Dies at 70 of Brain Tumor 

Kaija Saariaho, who wrote acclaimed works that made her the among the most prominent composers of the 21st century, died Friday. She was 70. 

Saariaho died at her apartment in Paris, her family said in a statement posted on her Facebook page. She had been diagnosed in February 2021 with glioblastoma, an aggressive and incurable brain tumor. 

“The multiplying tumors did not affect her cognitive facilities until the terminal phase of her illness,” the statement said. Her family said Saariaho had undergone experimental treatment at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. 

“Kaija’s appearance in a wheelchair or walking with a cane have prompted many questions, to which she answered elusively,” the family said. “Following her physician’s advice, she kept her illness a private matter, in order to maintain a positive mindset and keep the focus of her work.” 

Her “L’Amour de Loin (Love from Afar)” premiered at the Salzburg Festival in 2000 and made its U.S. debut at the Santa Fe Opera two years later. In 2016, it became the first staged work by a female composer at the Metropolitan Opera since Ethel M. Smyth’s “Der Wald” in 1903. 

“She was one of the most original voices and enjoyed enormous success,” Met general manager Peter Gelb said. “It had (an) impact on one’s intellect as well as one’s emotions. It was music that really moves people’s hearts. She was truly one of the great, great artists.” 

Saariaho did not like to be thought of as a female composer, rather a woman who was a composer. 

“I would not even like to speak about it,” she said during an interview with The Associated Press after a piano rehearsal at the Met. “It should be a shame.” 



Born in Helsinki on Oct. 14, 1952, Saariaho studied at the Sibelius Academy and the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg. She helped found a Finnish group “Korvat auki (Ears Open) in the 1970s. 

“The problem in Finland in the 1970s and ’80s was that it was very closed,” she told NPR last year. “My generation felt that there was no place for us and no interest in our music — and more generally, modern music was heard much less.” 

Saariaho started work in 1982 at Paris’ Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (IRCAM), a center of contemporary music founded in the 1970s by Pierre Boulez. She incorporated electronics in her composition. 

“I am interested in spatialization, but under the condition that it’s not applied gratuitously,” she said in a 2014 conversation posted on her website. “It has to be necessary — in the same way that material and form must be linked together organically. 

Inspired by viewing Messiaen’s “St. Francois d’Assise” at the 1992 Salzburg Festival, she wrote “L’Amour de Loin.” She went on to compose “Adriana Mater,” which premiered at the Opéra Bastille in 2006 and “Émilie,” which debuted at the Lyon Opéra in 2010. 

Award-winning work

Her latest opera, “Innocence,” was first seen at the 2021 Aix-en-Provence Festival. Putting a spotlight on gun violence, the work was staged in London this spring and is scheduled for the Met’s 2025-26 season. 

“This is undoubtedly the work of a mature master, in such full command of her resources that she can focus simply on telling a story and illuminating characters,” Zachary Woolfe wrote in The New York Times. 

Saariaho received the University of Louisville’s Grawemeyer Award in 2003 and was selected Musical America’s Musician of the Year in 2008. Kent Nagano’s recording of “L’Amour de Loin” won a 2011 Grammy Award. 

Saariaho’s final work, a trumpet concerto titled “HUSH,” is to premiere in Helsinki on Aug. 24 with Susanna Mälkki leading the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. 

The announcement of Saariaho’s death was posted by her husband, composer Jean-Baptiste Barrière; son Aleksi Barrière, a writer; and daughter Aliisa Neige Barrière, a conductor and violinist. 

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California’s Ravidassia Community Wants Caste Bias Outlawed

In California, members of an under-the-radar, minority religious community are stepping into the public eye to advocate for making the state the first in the nation to outlaw caste bias.

They are the Ravidassia — followers of Ravidass, a 14th century Indian guru who preached caste and class equality. There are about 20,000 members of the community in California, most of them in the Central Valley.

Guru Ravidass belonged to the lowest-rung of the caste system formerly considered untouchable and also known as Dalit, which means “broken” in Hindi. Today, many Ravidassia members share that caste identity, but they are hesitant to make that widely known, fearing repercussions for being exposed to the larger community as “lower-caste.”

Members of the Fresno Ravidassia community say publicly championing the anti-caste bias legislation is worth the risk, noting that fighting for equality is part of their history and their spiritual DNA.

The faith itself emerged in response to the societal exclusion of the lowest caste members, including persistent roadblocks to landownership, said Ronki Ram, professor of political science at Panjab University in Chandigarh, India. Caste-based discrimination was outlawed in India in 1947.


Ravidass was an Indian guru, mystic and poet who was one of the most renowned figures in the North Indian bhakti movement, which placed love and devotion to god above all and preached against the caste system. Ravidass was born in the 14th century in a village near Varnasi, India, to a family of cobblers and tanners who belonged to the then-untouchable or leather-working caste known as “chamars.” The Guru Granth Sahib, which is the sacred text of Sikhism, bears 40 verses or shabads of Ravidass.


A Ravidassia place of worship is called a sabha, dera, gurdwara or gurughar, which could all be translated as temple. Adherents cover their heads and remove their shoes before entering the prayer hall or place of worship. In California Ravidassia temples, the Guru Granth Sahib is the focal point of the prayer hall. The temples serve a post-worship meal as Sikh gurdwaras also do, which is known as langar. Ravidassia temples often display idols and/or pictures of Guru Ravidass in the prayer halls.


Professor Ronki Ram says the Ravidassia identity is challenging to pin down because it “cannot be compartmentalized.”

“More recently, they have been trying to carve out a separate identity for themselves,” he said. “But, they also follow Sikh traditions.”

Many male Ravidassia members wear long hair in a turban and carry Sikh articles of faith such as the kada or bracelet, kangha or wooden comb and kirpan, the sheathed, single-edged knife. Many men and women in the community also have Sikh last names — Singh and Kaur.

Ram points out that idols and images of Ravidass, however, can only be seen in a Ravidass temple. In addition, the community celebrates the birthday of their guru, which typically falls in February. Many Ravidass temples also observe the birth anniversary of B.R. Ambedkar, the Indian Dalit rights icon whose given name was Bhimrao.

The faith also has followers who are Hindu and those who are from different parts of India. Ravidassia community members in California are largely of Punjabi descent.


The Ravidassia community’s relationship with Sikhism is “flexible and nuanced,” said Sasha Sabherwal, assistant professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies, Northeastern University.

“It’s not an either-or relationship,” she said. “It’s a much more complex idea of what their faith means for them. Some (Ravidassia temples) may be autonomous spaces. But, in many cases, it’s blended or overlapping rather than something entirely independent. There is still a commitment to this larger Sikh project.”

Sabherwal said the path to unity may lie in making “meaningful structural changes.”

“The issue is that often, caste is not even acknowledged as a problem,” she said.

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На Київщині запроваджені аварійні відключення світла – ДТЕК

«Пошкодженими залишаються 22 лінії електропередачі 6-10 кВ та 673 трансформаторних підстанції»

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У Криму близько 20 людей засудили за «участь у кримськотатарському батальйоні» – правозахисники

З початку окупації Росією Криму щонайменше 18 людей отримали вироки за «участь у кримськотатарському батальйоні». З них четверо – 2023 року, повідомляє правозахисна організація «Крим SOS».

На думку аналітика організації Євгена Ярошенка, російська влада півострова використовує «справу батальйону ім. Номана Челебіджихана» як «універсальну» статтю для переслідування нелояльних кримчан.

«Завдяки звинуваченню у причетності до батальйону можна охопити ширші категорії кримських татар. У випадку з батальйоном набагато менше потрібно доказової бази», – зазначив він.

У Криму зафіксовано десятки випадків переслідування громадян за нібито участь у «кримськотатарському батальйоні ім. Номана Челебіджихана». Багато затриманих отримали реальні терміни і вже відбувають покарання у російських в’язницях. Останній вирок оголосили 1 червня – кримчанин отримав два роки позбавлення волі.

ФСБ Росії внесла «кримськотатарський добровольчий батальйон ім. Номана Челебіджіхана» до списку «терористичних організацій» у 2022 році.

Дискусія про створення «кримськотатарського батальйону» у складі структури правоохоронних органів України триває з 2016 року. У Нацгвардії України, яка входить до системи Міністерства внутрішніх справ України, зазначали, що заяви про створення у їхній структурі «кримськотатарського батальйону» залишаються на рівні заяв, які не закріплені законодавчо. Його керівник Ленур Іслямов закликав привласнити «кримськотатарському батальйону імені Номана Челебіджихана» номер військової частини.

by iGromada

У Міненерго очікують, що тарифи на електроенергію для населення до кінця року не підвищуватимуть

Уряд із червня підвищив тариф на електроенергію для побутових споживачів до 2,64 грн/кВт-год